About Incredible Afrika


Incredible Afrika is a UK based company with planned presence in three African regions namely, West Africa, Southern Africa and East Africa. We work with local communities, strategic partners, investors and local government to design, build, and operate exceptional housing estates. We have a 10 years plan to development plan across Africa.

At Incredible Africa, we pride ourselves on building to the highest quality standards, in an eco-friendly manner, with a strong consideration for climate change and poverty reduction.

Incredible Afrika aims to transform the environment and the lives of our customers through developing unique self-sustainable residential communities. As a unique housing company in Africa, we focus on both quality and quantity, supporting a caring and flourishing pre-urban environment. We create high-quality and environmentally friendly housing affordable for local communities which will help to improve the living standards and security of many people and to help fight the poverty.



To provide affordable housing and livelihood through agriculture delivering the following benefits:

  • Sustainable design through best building practices and incorporation of renewable energy generation
  • Modern sustainable agricultural practices delivering year-round production from greenhouses, with expert agronomist support.
  • The creation of food supply to service local, regional, and international markets
  • Access to finance
  • Education, access to health care

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Social upliftment and community development
  • Creating noticeable savings for residents
  • Residential units across Africa
  • Greenhouse units across Africa
  • First country Nigeria with expansion to other African Countries
  • Approximately five sustainable jobs created per unit
  • Contribution to African GDP at scale US$2bn
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Climate Change
  • Food security

Our Core Values

  • Customer service
  • Professional excellence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Team spirit



Housing Development

Estate Management

Agricultural Business Support Services

Business Leadership Training

Market facilitation

Access finance & Mortgage Scheme